Version 1709 Build 16299.15 Apps disappeared

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I had probably about 200 apps and internet shortcuts pinned to the start screen. After installation of Version 1709 Build 16299.15 all of my store apps disappeared from my system. Every single one of the pinned internet shortcuts disappeared. There are 12 tiles left on the screen. People, messaging and a couple of others. I can't even find the Windows Store App anywhere on the system. I managed to open the store through Cortana, It shows all my purchased apps but no option to re-download them. "Pin to desktop" in the store is greyed out. Only "Launch" is available. When I click "Get updates" it does not show any. The few remaining tiles are spread out all over the start screen in the location where I originally had them with a lot of room in between for the missing tiles. It's as everything is still on my PC but just not visible.
When I go to Settings-Apps and Features all my apps are listed there but they did not populate the start menu screen or the program menu. As I said, room was left for them on the start screen in the locations where they previously were.
As mentioned above, I managed to open the store app through Cortana. Just noticed that when the app is open it is NOT shown on the taskbar. I just managed to open the Windows Central app through an email link to a post I made there. It is also NOT SHOWN on the taskbar when active. The few apps that are remaining on the start menu DO SHOW on the start menu when opened. So all the apps are definitively still there, they are just invisible.

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I have got same error.
Any update for this situation?
All apps gone from start menu but shown it has been installed.

Went through 3 remote sessions with MS techs yesterday for a total of 6.5 hrs.

They couln't fix it and finally had me do a roll back. That brought everything back. Then overnight my system updated again to 16299.15 and I ended up with the same mess again. Did another rollback this morning and as I'm typing this the darned thing is downloading the update AGAIN. Tried to leave insider program but the option is greyed out. To say I'm frustrated would be an understatement.

These are MS does usually :(

Because I don't want wate my time, I've delete some apps and re-install it then I can get back to use of the apps.

Pobably, MS dosn't care about apps and device drivers when they release new release.


i'm facing this issue too, the trubleshooter, suggest that i'm not connected to the internet.

Ended up doing 3 rollbacks. They restored everything. The updates after the rollbcks messed it all up again exept for the last one. All's ok noww.

i was able to fix it after update to 1709 go into settings then apps look for an microsoft store apps and click on it then uninstall then you can reinstall them through store on latest version

Yes! That is what I have done.
I could do re-install Mail & Calendar and some more but still I can't get back MSN NEWS and some more apps.

maybe MS dosn't update for some apps yet.



try un-installing them then reboot the computer then reinstall. i got all mine apps back after un-install the reinstall. what error do you get it may be a store cache error making it fail there is a way to fix that i had to do it before update


I've tried Uninstall - Reboot - Install 'MSN NEWS'

The app installed but it can not be pinned to Start 

and It is not listed on Programs & Apps list.
But, MS Store shows it has been installed.
The MSN News app & some other apps can be launched from Store.

So.. I just forget about to use those apps can not be shown on the menu and pinned to start .



wait for the app to get update from store one of the apps i did not uninstall to fix updated yesterday and now it is pinned in start menu

this may also help
it's a little old but may work solution 1 is running on mine and says # of activities not show 

The windows store is missing. The documents and the downloads are missing also..
What shall I do?

I did a rollback 3 different times. After each rollback my start menu was restored. Then windows update did its thing and updated again. The first 2 times I ended up with everything missing again. The update after the 3rd rollback though went ok and all my tiles survived the update. Have no idea what was different this time but it worked. Try a rollback.

You mean that i should go back to the previous version and updated again?!

Yes. Go to: Update & Security.... Recovery....Go back to previous version of Windows 10.

It worked for me. After 3 tries lol. Good luck.


i had an issue even update to latest version through the settings i had to get update program from microsoft to even install it. i'm wondering if the automatic update in settings is causing the problem and there was an error i had about it can not update correctly if the drive the operating system is on is compressed i only uncompressed it and it worked. your issue could be a corrupted download that's missing only a certain few files and not any main ones. you could try checking the logs in event viewer for an alerts on issues maybe that will help

Me too After i updated Windows all of my window apps is disappeared i really need help

i solved mine as long as you have the store there is a way to reinstall them. to uninstall apps go to settings and in the apps find any microsoft store app and click it then click uninstall then go into the microsoft store and install it again. there were a lot of issues with the automatic install mine would never even get past getting updates ready for install app issue is most likely the app are not getting put in the start menu is the operating system is a different version than the store has them listed a for just restore to before update uninstall all store apps then use manual installer for website the install them again later this will fix it for sure. my apps are working and i only uninstalled them in settings then installed them again but do the restore then uninstall then update then install apps for a definite fix

When I installed 1709 I too found that apps were missing, including the Store!  So all steps to recover by uninstalling and using Store to reinstall were of no avail.


That is, until I found a way to run the Store from the command line.


cmd.exe /c start "" "ms-windows-store:"


When I used this command exactly I had the store from which I could reinstall my various apps.  


Hopefully, Microsoft will release either a windows update to just fix this or at least a new version of Store to at least fix that.


For now I just have a shortcut on my desktop with the above command that I am using in temporarily.