VB language with server side tags in .aspx pages in modern browsers


Hi All,

 we heard that VB client side script will not work in modern browsers. we have the inline code written in VB language with server side tags in .aspx pages.

Will that code will work in modern browsers as the code written in server side tags as per below code, it should be executed at IIS level.


Could you please let us know server side code with vb language code will work in modern browsers or not?


' If GPLocale is set, we redirect as usual. If it's not set, we need
' to run the client-side script at the bottom of the page to set the
' cookie, and then come back here with the original URL.
If Not Request.Cookies("GPLocale") Is Nothing Then
If Request.Cookies("GPLocale").Value <> DF.EMPTY_STR Then

Dim strCaseNum
Dim strOrderNum
Dim strCD
Dim currentQueryString
Dim queryString as QueryString

'currentQueryString should be appended to the redirect to RedirectLogic.aspx as pages are converted
'Pages should redirect to /MSInternal/RedirectLogic.aspx + currentQueryString which will session
'settings and redirection to the new page
'Note: Before a link is redirect make sure the approapriate logic is in RedirectLogic.aspx

currentQueryString = Request.QueryString.ToString()
queryString = new QueryString()

Response.Expires = 0

'Setup Session
'If OASIS UserID passed in, ensure that it matches current users
If Request.QueryString("OID") <> "" Then
Session("OASISUserID") = Request.QueryString("OID")
End If

If Request.QueryString("OD") <> "" Then
Session("OD") = Request.QueryString("OD")
End If

If Request.QueryString("CD") <> "" Then
Session("CD") = Request.QueryString("CD")
End If

If Request.QueryString("C") <> "" Then
Session("C") = Request.QueryString("C")
End If

If Request.QueryString("O") <> "" Then
Session("O") = Request.QueryString("O")
End If


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