Update windows 11 fout 0x80070002

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The last update Windows 11 Insider Preview 22526.1000 (rs_prerelease) is not possible. I tried it 3 times. I get 0x80070002

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Windows Insider is for testing and evaluations and such a issues are expected.
I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

@Deleted I'm Facing the same issue, did google many times read articles but unable to solve this. if there's anyone who can fix it and help us that would be awesome x 


Thanks in advance 

Screenshot 2022-01-09 224144.png

Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
Take a look at:

There is no solution untill yet. So I decided to leae as an insider.

Windows Insider is for testing and evaluation and it is never recommended to use for production.
It is to test and you will discover problems.
In case you are not comfortable with testing and troubleshooting, you should consider using the stable version of Windows.
However, there are regular updates for the insider build and this issue will be fixed in the future updates (in case it has been reported and the team reproduce the issue).
Thank you for your reply. You are right. I used the dev-channel. And in that case you can't change or stop it. Better for me is the beta-channel. In that case I had to reinstall A clean Windows version. I sent the proble to the people you mentioned.

@Deleted hi, I just rolled back my windows to normal windows. thats what i did to stay out of this beta problems

Welcome, when you are using Beta and Dev, you are facing bugs and error and when you report them, the Windows team will investigate and fix them and normally you have to wait for official fix normally using the Windows Update.