Unwanted random injection of Spanish words into text!

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I am using the Edge browser. I am getting unwanted injection of Spanish words into texts from Microsoft. Comunidad was substituted for the English word Community! The phrase "medio ambiente" was injected into a sentence in the place of some English. I don't like Spanish words being substituted for my English! I asked for help with this problem from a Microsoft tech and they did something that caused lots of "red letter texts" but did not help at all. How do I stop the unwanted intrusion of Spanish into texts that I am reading?

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In this posting "buscador" was substituted for "browser", and "Comunidad" was substituted for Community, and "tecnologia" was substituted for tech. How do I stop that??
Several contacts had no help. Then I phoned a Microsoft tech. who shared my screed and found the problem was an unwanted, unasked for app that was injecting Spanish words and phrases into seemingly random texts. Once that was turned off no more Spanish!! Thanks Microsoft tech.