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I mistakenly downloaded the Dev channel and now I can't uninstall or change to the Beta channel.  I've tried resetting my PC twice taking everything off with no effect.  Can anyone offer direction on how I can rectify this please?



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@Bruce135  Hi,

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

Only in this way you can install a lower beta version, or install stable Windows.

in your case, System Restore reinstalls the Dev version. Only a clean installation of the lower version is the solution.

@A1 thanks but I tried this and it is still on my laptop


'During setup, select the Change what to keep option, and then choose Nothing on the next screen to complete a clean install."

This is crucial - download ISO Beta and try again.

Ok, will do. Do you think I should sign into a different account that's not connected to the Insider channels?


Windows 11 Clean Installation (microsoft.com)

To download the ISO - you need to log in with an insider account;)

What I mean is after the new installation is done, should I use a different account setting up the PC?
I used a completely new email and it is still there


I don't understand - did you install the Beta - according to the instructions?

@A1 it worked, thanks very much!


Since this issue has many users - I'm glad you were able to downgrade the channel to Beta!

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Good luck.