Unable to enable core isolation Due to incompatible igdmkd64.sys Driver

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I am running Windows 11 Insider Preview.  On 5/5/2022 There was this update:

Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610.1 (ni_release)
in order to install said update i had to disable the core isolation feature. After install process finished i doublechecked that it was reinitialized, and I was unable to reinitialize the feature.

At around 4pm CST 5/6/2022 there was this update:

Windows 11 Insider Preview 22616.1 (ni_release)

After the installation process was completed i again tried to reinitialize the core isolation feature without success with the same error that my igdkmd64.sys file was incompatible.

(I do not use windows integrated graphics i use a NVidia GTX 1650 and all drivers are current as of 5pm CST today 5/5/5022)

I tracked down the file in my system and at first i was a bit confused as i could not find it anywhere in the Windows System32 folder like it didn't exist on my PC. After a bit of digging i finally found the said driver file and was a bit confused as to why it was giving me issues as it is in the windows.old Folder





I am not sure if i can delete the windows old folder and not have an impact on my system as i do not run windows 10 i am running windows 11. Since there is no igdkmd64.sys file in the windows/system32/drivers location as shown in the screenshot.





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