Unable to download Windows 10 ARM preview

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I've been a Windows insider member for a few years now. I need to evaluate Windows 10 ARM but the page doesn't have any link I can use to download it, any ideas, please?






Angel Hernandez

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Hi there, you are welcome to the Windows Community Hub!

I could see the download link and the download also started for the insider preview build as shown in the attached video.

Where? Refer to attachment.

Link is not available from my Mac, Android or Linux based PC.


I'm currently signed in, where's the link? 




Thanks for sharing more info, I could now exactly understand what is your problem.

You signed in to the website but you are not a registered Windows Insider so you are not allowed to download the Insider Preview build.


To register into the Windows Insider Program, click the following link:



After registering, you can download the build from the link you have given in the original post. If you cannot find the link, just check my attached "1.mp4" video in the previous reply.