Unable to conect on Pearson (OnVue)

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I have registered for an exam and have been trying to connect online. 

I have been trying to connect for the last 30 minutes but it is giving me an error message in the network diagnostic. 

I ran the Test System check again that that is working but the test is failing and giving me the attached message after 75%. 


Also, there is no email or contact number that i can connect to. 

Your quick assistance is appreciated. 


Best regards

Suhaib Khilji 

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First, for your own safety, delete the email address - this is a Public Forum.

I suggest you check the defender firewall = add the allowed application, check in the network settings if it is checked that this application is allowed.

Good luck

Thank you for your response, but i will disable the firewall but how can i check now.
Also removed the email

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