Turning Virtual desktops into real functional Virtual desktops

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Real functional virtual desktops?

I have recently tried W11 and reversed it today into W10.

My primary motivation stems from having been informed that virtual desktops had been improved in the present MS version.  They did - yet the advantage is minor.

Is it anticipated that virtual desktops will be able to include shortcuts and icons,  thus providing real diverse working tables? 

As I see it, this might be done by adopting (or buying the software) the route that a W7 German application (DEXPOT) has provided. The software was seemingly wonderful  and I used it. Except that it was not upgraded to W10 hence creating crashes.

I would be most grateful for your information.

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Absolutely! I did not know about DEXPOT though, thanks for that! With that info I will revert back to 10 as well.
The ability to customize primarily Task Bar but possible also Start Menu, should make Virtual Desktops so much more useful for so many.

Right now it's only useful for people who have a workflow with a lot of windows open at the same time, and that can be divided into different "categories". With customizable Task Bar, it would also open the door for those with very different "roles".

Me personally I could have one for investing with all my monitoring tools and Bloomberg-YouTube-channel pinned. One for Podcasting and editing. One for my regular accounting and consulting work. And one for family and leisure.

This it now really possible right now, as it basically is just switching backgrounds, unless I keep all apps open all the time, draining RAM and probably creating some blocking issues (for example being logged into a document or database, so that colleagues can't access it).

So customizable task bar should open Virtual Desktop up to a slew of customers with a work flow more similar to mine (that is - having very different roles).