TPM 2.0 and secure start BIOS

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  1. Alienware Aurora R5

You need to update your TPM to 2.0 and enable a safe boot in the BIOS to be able to update to Windows 11.

Can someone help me, how to do that?


Sorry for bad english 

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Go to BIOS setting(at boot) and turn the TPM on and secure boot. You need to find out what key to press at boot for your motherboard. Go to Alienware web site and find out

@Dupek69  everything is activaded. I dont undertsand the issue


See if you can change the secure boot to higher level. You got standard right now

@Dupek69  there is just the option "custom"


I hope you can help me, ty for the help <3
Try to set to "custom". If your tpm is 1.2 it my not work if you are not in dev section
With custom they want me to set keys, i dont know what do do there
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I suspect there is something wrong with the Windows Updates. The PC Health Checkup is removed and its says "Coming Soon". Looks like we have to wait for the updates from Microsoft. I tried this 3rd party tool which gives detailed report.

WhyNotWin11 Tool (Unofficial from Community on GitHub)
try to set bios secure boot to enable and custom, did not work. the motherboard did not recognize my m.2 drive. i have it set up to uefi