The Windows Insider Program just got BETTER for Business!


We’re excited to announce today that Insiders can now deploy Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds and give feedback using their corporate credentials in Azure Active Directory (AAD).  Please visit


Participating in the program using your corporate credentials will increase the visibility of your feedback on Windows 10 Insider Preview builds and help us develop features that support your organization’s specific business needs. You’ll also get connected to a growing community of IT Professionals who, like yourself, want to explore and test the very latest Windows innovations.


Three easy steps gain you access to new features and resources:


  1. Register in the Windows Insider Program with your AAD account
  2. Enroll your PC for Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds
  3. Share Feedback with us via the Feedback Hub App


For additional guidance, please reference our new resources on TechNet:  Windows Insider Program for Business How-to Guide using Azure Active Directory Account.


We hope you enjoy the many Windows Insider benefits that we’ve created especially for business.

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This is not working for me. Fresh install of 1703. AAD joined the device. Local admin, but the problem starts with the signup. I can only enter a Microsoft Account (consumer) and not my AAD based account? Any idea if and when this will be fixed?


I'm stuck at:

"Enroll a device with an Azure Active Directory account" Step 1


Lol fix your egister button to use a business credential rather than a personal passport then!

the ultimate "microsoft failed when they silo'ed passports" troll clearly made that signup page

I got around it by signing out of everything

1/ go to or find something that is using your personal passport and sign out...
2/ go to, confirm that it's logged into your business passport and sign out of that
3/ on that windows insider page, confirm that you are signed out (you will see a sign-in link top-right)
4/ USE THAT sign-in link first NOT the accept/join button in the article's content
5/ go back to (for me it dumped me on some random page after sign-in: good work microsoft's silo'ing dept!)
6/ AFTER CONFIRMING top-right that you are now signed into business profile, THEN click that join button, and it won't redirect you to the silly personal-passport page

Thank you Chris for your feedback.


I've notified our engineering team and our web developer re: this issue and we are in the process of fixing it.


Truly appreciate your work around steps and will be including them in a post for the interim.




Are you still stuck?



Could you private message me with the business credentials that you are using so that we can ensure everything is working as it should for you?

Thanks so much.


Thank you for your Blogpost.


Do you know more about the Windows Insider Program for Business, especially about the Windows Server Fast and Slow Ring

We are waiting for a new Build, in which we can login with our AAD Account. Do you know a date? Do you know a link, where we can download the frist Windows Insider Windows Server Build?


Thank you very much!


@Michelle Fleming


Best regards from Germany!


Hi Raphael,


Thank you for your message!  You can login in now using your AAD account, and if you are running builds with your MSA you can switch over to your AAD account.


Here's how:

If you are still having issues, which we hope you are not, please consult our user guide: Windows Insider Program for Business How-to Guide using Azure Active Directory Account.

Hi Michelle,


i have already setup the prerelease 170708-1800.

it works.

Where can I write my ideas for improvement?


thaks a lot.




Hi Sara,


In Windows, in the search bar type in insiderhub://home/ and it will take you to the Feedback Hub App in which you can input all of your feedback.


Please let me know if you have any issues.