The new toolbar in Windows 11

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I notice that in Windows 11 it is no longer possible (yet) to create a sub toolbar in the toolbar for easy access to "This Computer, address, links, desktop, etc. "
I'm going to miss that, because I used that a lot in Windows 10. Hopefully that will come.
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That's how I miss it!
I totally agree. In our business, we use this feature to bring up all of our price sheets located in our shared Onedrive pricing file folders. Extremely helpful to all of us.

@truus22 I've used Winaero Tweaker, which allows setting Taskbar back to "the old days" adding new toolbars. Ita also changes the majority of windows UI back to old also. Start & Search doesn't seam to work.

I'm now working on the grounds that if Winaero can bring this back, there has to be a tweak or a setting for us users to ammend the Tasbar. The ability is still there, but hiding..

Of course, you can do this, but Microsoft has removed it for security reasons.
This requirement has been identified as a top priority (0 - trust)

Just found an excellant workaround. Tried it and I now have my own folder on the taskbar.

@truus22I just uninstalled Windows 11 and went back to 10, precisely because of the little flexibility in the taskbar and the lack of a toolbar

@AllanMWwhile a nice way to open a folder, this sadly is not a toolbar replacement.


I'm astounded and really disappointed that MS would think it ok to remove such useful existing functionality

@Richard60 They couldn't find a way to monetize the existing toolbars.   Expect to find one with in-app purchases in the store shortly.

Try this:

Provide the replacement of add new toolbar function that was cancelled in windows 11.


Here is a very workable solution:


1) Download & install Explorer++ (

2) Create a folder that contains your Shortcuts

3) Set your Shortcuts folder as the default Exporor++ folder

4) In Explorer++, set the View options as "List" and "Ignore File Extensions"

5) Size the window to fit around your list of Shortcuts

6) Pin Explorer++ to the Taskbar


That should do it.  It isn't as pretty as a Toolbar, but it is the best solution that I have found.

Microsoft - it is really really poor practice to remove functionality that people use daily and have come to rely on.

It takes a long time to configure environments so they work for one and it would be nice to see a little more respect for your user base.



I have been a Windows user since version 3.1.  It has been a long practice for Microsoft (Apple does it, too) to make usage decisions for us.  I am a power user.  Most of my Windows friends have never even used File Manager.  So, Microsoft makes these changes to cater to the low-end "normal" user instead of the rest of us.  It is absolutely a necessity to NOT remove the functionality that more powerful users rely on.  Move these features around, but don't get rid of them.

I did leave out one step on my workaround:


Set it to a "Single Click" launch method.

Yes, very poor but seems to be the general approach in making Windows less flexible. Same with removing Task Manager right click from taskbar (although available on Start button), small icons on taskbar (and appropriate spacing) and forcing two line taskbar clock/date. These simple convenient UI options are slowly being removed.
indeed, I'm so tired of large corporations removing functionality without any regard for the many people that use it every day.

Just a note that you can access task manager by right clicking over the windows "start" icon on the task bar



Simply install System Tray Menu App from Microsoft Store for FREE! 



Well done. I've now got what does work.

Great find! A very workable compromise solution. My only ideal addition would be to be able to add more than one folder to be a complete Desktop menu solution since desktop icons appear in both User and Public locations.



The "new toolbar" is better than nothing, but just barely.  It is NOT a replacement for the old toolbar.  The links are not hot.  You have to right click and select open to launch the target.