taskbar in windows 11 won't move to the right as a vertical taskar

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I jut got my new Thinkpad X1 and I love it.  However, it is running Windows 11, and I found out that I can't move the taskbar from the bottom. I also use a vertical task bar on the right as it provides much more flexibility when using Amazon Web Services for work, and my private browser for personal.  With a right hand side taskbar, I can find things quickly when I have multiple tabs open on applications.


Microsoft you must get this fixed ASAP.  People will not move to windows 11 without this option. I'm almost thinking about installing windows 10 again!!!!!  Please fix!!!  You fixed the notes problem we reported last year - even though it took 6 months.  SO PLEASE FIX THIS SOONER THAN LATER!!!!

We need flexibility in moving the taskbar from bottom to top to left or right.



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Hi, I completely agree with you, however, to reach the engineering team, send feedback - as a suggestion in the Windows Feedback Hub app.

Win11 taskbar only at the bottom of the screen - it needs to be changed! - Microsoft Tech Community                                                       Best regards  

Completely agree with OP. I moved the taskbar to the right when monitors switched from 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratios. Now most of my displays are in 21:9 aspect ratios. Forcing the taskbar to the bottom of the screen is a waste of precious vertical screen real estate. I need to use my computer in a regulated environment so StartAllBack is not an acceptable option. Microsoft: I get it that you want to give people the option of having a MacOS like UI. But for the love of all that is good, give us the option to restore items to the old locations. I've had my taskbar on the right for 20 years. Having to think about how to interact with the operating system again has degraded my productivity. Not having the option to restore the old UI for something this fundamental to the user experience is unacceptable and never should have been approved by any competent product manager.
It would be nice to have that ability back again.

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This doesn't work for me. When I restart Explorer.exe it resets the registry and the taskbar shows up on the bottom of the screen. I believe MS patched the workaround. If true, they spent developer resources to force us to use their UI change that we are clearly highly motivated to avoid using. 

0/10 Microsoft.

They Disabled every hack I can think of. Even Modifying the registry and 3rd Party Apps don't work either. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution.