taskbar in windows 11 won't move to the right as a vertical taskar

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I jut got my new Thinkpad X1 and I love it.  However, it is running Windows 11, and I found out that I can't move the taskbar from the bottom. I also use a vertical task bar on the right as it provides much more flexibility when using Amazon Web Services for work, and my private browser for personal.  With a right hand side taskbar, I can find things quickly when I have multiple tabs open on applications.


Microsoft you must get this fixed ASAP.  People will not move to windows 11 without this option. I'm almost thinking about installing windows 10 again!!!!!  Please fix!!!  You fixed the notes problem we reported last year - even though it took 6 months.  SO PLEASE FIX THIS SOONER THAN LATER!!!!

We need flexibility in moving the taskbar from bottom to top to left or right.



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Hi, I completely agree with you, however, to reach the engineering team, send feedback - as a suggestion in the Windows Feedback Hub app.

Win11 taskbar only at the bottom of the screen - it needs to be changed! - Microsoft Tech Community                                                       Best regards