Taskbar grouping

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Come on Microsoft, what the heck?! You CANNOT change CORE functionality IT engineers use daily and expect it to be OK. ITS NOT! We MUST be able to ungroup the stupid taskbar, otherwise we miss tons of alerts and errors when MULTIPLE apps are opened and are combined into 1. This doesn’t work, I CANNOT see individual server notifications now because they all show as 1!!


THIS IS TERRIBLE for engineers and a horrible UI design in general!! I am a senior sys engineer/architect, in the field for almost 30 years and starting with DOS so I am no newb. I cannot function and work when the UI is changed to ways we CANNOT undo. I get it if you want to group them for everyone who doesn’t know better, that’s fine, BUT then give us the F'n option to undo it as we always had!!!


This WILL NOT WORK in the IT field, PLUS to make it WORSE you moved the TASK MANAGER from the usual locations so now even that changed, and I have to adjust. the task manager isn’t as bad as the grouping because a simple shortcut fixes the task manager, but again WHY ARE YOU FORCING changes that we CANNOT undo?

Force them but LEAVE US THE OPTIONS to undo it and go back to how we normally work!!! You will KILL your customer base if you ignore us, no one will use 11 and we will move onto open source platforms if you do not fix these simple things!! LISTEN TO YOUR clientele!!!

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