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Dear Developers,

My name is Chris and 11 years ago I built my own desktop with intell i7 1st generation and asus motherboard P6T. I am now running windows 10 pro and everything works perfectly, but it is said that for win 11 one would need EUFI and also TPM, well these requirements are not present on motherboard or processor yet I am convinced that my hardware can run win 11 easily . so my question is to provide a win 11 upgrade where these components are not needed. Otherwise I would find that very discriminatory and so be obliged by Microsoft to buy new hardware and don't think I'm alone think that 70 to 80% of the devices in circulation now don't have that, yesterday a woman asked me for once to buy a new laptop for her son at school the webshop where I always buy devices just ran a back to school promotion, but all devices in this promotion do not support TPM for that you had to go to the company devices that were almost double in price. Please may I ask you to find a solution at some point so that we can also upgrade to windows 11 as an ordinary private individual.

With friendly greetings Chris

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It looks like, unfortunately, older computers will not receive the update for Windows11

But for sure Windows10 will still be supported until October 2025 - and there will be no new hardware requirements for computers running and installed Windows10.

Security and specific processor architecture is a must in Windows11 - priority ( 0 - trust ) is key in this case and this cannot be changed.

Thanks for the topic Good luck


very sad to hear this, and to hear no that I can still use win10 until Oct 2025 does not make me happy and it is as I said before Microsoft obliges me at least in 2025 to buy total new hardware of about 1000 € and in 2025 I have to throw my device in the trash because then it is no longer safe and it becomes unusable.
great job Microsoft and thanks for all those years of loyalty !


Yes, but the IT market is moving forward all the time, Microsoft partners, cloud providers and providers of other products require more performance and security from Windows.
I understand that for the benefit of users due to the high possibility of system failure
not compatible computers will not be updated to the windows11 version.
We have 4 years to replace computers - I think their price will be lower - as standard.

Well, this is concern for other users too.
I recommend you to submit a feedback using Feedback Hub app (in Windows 10) and share your concern about the system requirements for Windows 11.