Suddenly Dropping Frames on Windows 11

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So since upgrading to Windows 11 I've tried playing a few games. A fair few go fine but there are a couple games that ran perfectly before and now get extreme drops.


For Sea of Thieves I'd regularly get AT LEAST 100FPS and now I get sub 30 in the menus, the game is smoother when I'm in and walking around but drops sub 30 again when I interact with any NPC.


I'm also experiencing intermittent stuttering on Civilization 6. Both Games are owned and run through Steam.

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@silvern0va I have the same issue. When I first install the dev build, games work fine. But now they drop frames to nearly zero. For me, it seems like whenever I move my mouse it drops though, it's super strange.

I have the same problem if u ever find a fix can u please msg me on discord Edward7#0007
I'm on a Radeon 6800 and a Ryzen 5800X. I disabled Game DVR today via these instructions, and my problems were solved: I installed Adrenalin 21.7.2 on Thursday and thought that would fix everything after a week or so of issues. The two games I play most, Quake Champions and Cyberpunk 2077, would freeze/stutter every now and then. I played both games today after tweaking the registry, and the games worked fine for me.