Stuck in build 22610.1

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Hi everyone,


I think my computer stuck at this insider build. What I mean is although windows update says that I don't have any updates if I enter windows insider tab it says that i have a new update and i should install it. I wrote to the feedback app and I don't have any answer yet. Also I am afraid to do it by myself through an iso download provided through microsoft. Any ideas what can I do except from waiting ? 

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Have you previously switched to Beta from Dev channel? Can you confirm if you're on Dev channel?

@Kapil Arya  I am in beta channel not in dev. I can attach the screenshots if you want to.

Ok, in that case you can try upgrading to build 22621 via ISO file:

Build 22621 is latest build in Beta channel atm.
Is it easy? Also, will I lose all my apps if I do it through that?