Some icons missing from the taskbar on Windows 11 build 22000.120

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* Windows 11, build 22000.120
* Dual monitor setup (4k in horizontal mode, 2k in vertical mode)
* Single taskbar


Some (but not all) icons are missing from the taskbar, with the status highlight (pill) showing.

The behavior is consistent and only applies to specific applications.

For example:
Icons visible:
* Microsoft code

* Telegram
* Notion
* Chrome

Icons missing:
* Whatsapp desktop
* Your Phone
* Spotify
* Microsoft Terminal
* Windows Settings
* Microsoft Paint

Attached - screenshot of the taskbar with a missing Whatsapp Desktop icon

How do I resolve this?

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After further investigation:

I believe it's a Windows Store related problem 

* Uninstalling the Store version of Whatsapp and installing the stand-alone version from the official website restored the application icon.


What didn't work:

* Reinstalling from the appstore

* Clearing the icon cache (manually)



@ztomer I have exactly the same issue and have tried every suggestion I can find from the web.  


Has anyone on here got and idea what is causing this?

@Alesupper What is your build number? At some point this stopped happening (the build I have installed is 22000.438, taken from from settings->System->About)



@ztomer the PC in question was bang up to date when I left it this morning. It had just installed a cumulative update for Windows 11. I then re-checked for updates and it said it was up to date. I had hoped that the cumulative update would fix the issues but alas not. Unfortunately I don't have access to the PC now because it doesn't belong to me.
Same problem here.
Seems to happen just with Windows Store apps like Calculator and Windows Terminal.
Behavior is not consistent though. Pinning Calculator to the taskbar restores the icon. Unpinning it removes it again. Windows Terminal never shows the icon and unpinning after pinning doesn't work either.
Restarting Explorer, manually removing icon caches, fiddling with taskbar settings all don't work.
PC: brand new, latest and up to date Win10, only common applications.