Slight Flicker in Screen on Canary 26068

Steel Contributor

This only happens after I have left my System on for a couple of days.  It goes away after I restart my PC.

Annoying but not anything I would consider a Deal Breaker.  Still looking into it to see if I can find the Cause of it.  Definitely not caused by my Graphics Card or Driver and Everything is Updated.  It affects everything system wide so not sure if it's an APP causing it as I have not had any problems with them in the past.  The only change I have made to my system was add a Finger Print Dongle to my system so I will remove and see what happens.  More to come.


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It was just as i figured. Once I removed the Finger Print Dongle the Flickering went away. I need to do some more trouble shooting and see if this caused by a Driver or the Hardware itself. At least making progress.  Moved Dongle to a new location in back of PC and still not getting any flickering which makes me think it was more of a Device Conflict.  Still working to verify this.