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I am having issues with the latest release.  First of all, it got rid of all my system restore points, and decreased the storage space for it.  Second of all, now I cannot open chromium, or even install it.  My Waterfox browser stopped working as well.  It's as if MS doesn't want anyone to use any other browser.  I don't want Edge as my default browser.  I want to use my Chromium browser.  Also, I can't open MS store, and other programs.  I've scanned my system with numerous antivirus programs, including Windows Defender offline.  I've scanned with Eset. NO MALWARE, so it's MS.  I want to uninstall this beta preview without losing data. Oh, and it's eating up my memory when I have plenty on my PC.  So how do I get rid of this garbage preview?

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Hi @PinkChaosPuppy 

Just uninstalling the update will not remove your personal settings and files (if it is less than 10 days since you installed this update)

Please this is the official documentation:

Troubleshooting - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn


The one I can roll-back from today is KB5017026.  If I do this will it help?  I got Chromium to work by using the compatibility troubleshooter which rolled it back to Windows 8 mode.  So will rolling this KB5017026 back help, then?  Thank you for your help.


September 13, 2022-KB5017024 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 11 (micros...

This is an important fix, but you can always download it again. if after this update you can not work , but I am worried about the rollback to Windows 8.

I didn't roll it back to Windows 8. I just used the compatibility tool with Chromium. The only update I rolled back was the KB5017026.


yes, but your browser works on Windows 8 , I haven't done that for many years.

an outdated browser is useless!

My browser is the current one.


Does that mean that everything is fixed?

I uninstalled KB5017026, and yes, everything works right.