Please approve the enrollment request of mine for the new Bing

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I enrolled my Microsoft account on the waitlist for the new Bing yesterday. I've set Edge as the default browser of my PC, downloaded the Bing app into my Phone (and connected it to my Microsoft account). I have been also using both Edge and Bing for searching, more frequently than I had ever used.

But, till now, even though 24 hours have passed since the enrollment into the waitlist, and I have not got access to the new Bing, which is very frustrating for me. 

I request you to please grant me the access of the new Bing. The concerned email address is same as the one which I'm using to contact with you.

Thanking you, 
Badhan Dhar.

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Well, since they got a massive request apply for new bing it got to be wait for a while. For me it takes almost 48 hours to received the email confirmation.
Thanks for your reply.

Well, in my case, even 48 hours passed a few hours ago. Still, I did not get the access. What's the case with me?