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Hi. After being Windows Insider "Fast Ring member" for a few months (WSL2 being the only reason for that), few days ago I opted out of it (turned "Stop getting preview builds" option on). Today I noticed I'm offered to install new patch, and since I believed it was 20.04 I check to install it. After that I just checked online for build version and noticed it is not 20.04 but new prerelease (19613.1000). I stopped update as my intention is to go with normal releases. Quick check in Windows insider tab menu in Options shows me that I'm still Fast ring member (although "Stop getting preview builds" is checked). I tried to move from "Fast ring" to "Release preview", but with no luck. CHanging option in Windows is possible, but after changing window to i.e. Window update and returning to Windows Insider I noticed that Fast ring is selected again. After few attempts I tried to move to Slow ring which went fine, but trying to change again to "Release preview" does not help. So, it seems to me that no matter what I pick, only Fast ring and Slow ring.
Is there a way for me to install next regular build (19041?) and opt out completely out of Windows Insider without reinstalling everything? Do I need to wait for a few weeks until 19041 is officially released or some other action on my side is necessary on my side (as currently Windows on my machine is of version 19592.1001)?

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@jakovm Unfortunately where you are now, your only option to get out of Fast is to back up all of your data and files and do a clean reinstall using the latest retail build (18363).  

The stop getting preview builds toggle opts you out at the next retail release.  You will continue to get updates in that ring until release.  Since you are on Fast (Active Development), the builds are no longer tied to a retail release so you will stay there.  



@Eddie Leonard Hi Eddie,

thanks for your answer. I was afraid reinstall is my only option :). 

Is there an option to make fresh install with current preview release (19041) as I wouldn't like to lose WSL2.



@jakovm Yes, if you want to continue with Insider builds in the Slow ring, you can download the 19041 ISO from .  After that is installed, you can opt out of flighting and move to retail when it's released in the near future.