No updates in my insider channel

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Its been like a month that my Dev Insider Programme is stuck on the same version: 25346.1001

My insider programme settings pageMy insider programme settings pageI troubleshooted updates, cleared windows.old folder, and some other cache but none really seem to get the new updates on my pc. The latest insider is even starting to show the windows copilot and I'm stuck on an old version unable to update. 

Another Interesting thing is that on website the latest build version is lower than that I have which is not really possible and I am Not having the access to the latest features either.


Insider Website Link


Can someone please guide me so the updates start to show up again?

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See if this fix helps you anyway:

Let us know if this helps!

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@Kapil Arya The above link didn't work, i have restarted my computer after the cmd command, but still nothing...

@ChizuruMizuhara_LVE Hi,

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25346 | Windows Insider Blog

But you have installed a new higher Canary channel to download the update - you have to switch the switch to Canary.

To install a new Dev. channel, you need to download ISO Dev. and perform a clean Windows installation.

Write what you want to do?

i never switched to canary channel, i knew its too unstable to use everyday work as i am aware, and i am currently on dev channel only.
When the new channel was announced, my insider was rolled out for some reason and i re-enrolled from website. but i never opted for canary. Its a issue from Microsoft side then.

Another thing is that clean install is a option thrown straight out of window. As many softwares are installed and i have a lot of personalization. My local work is done through the windows and i had rather not get the great "Co-pilot" if i have to set my pc up again from scratch.

If there is any other option then please suggest.
I may switch to canary if i am ensured that the unstable behaviour wouldn't be so much that any everyday feature / performance is sacrificed


Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

Please see - you are in the Canary channel, so you can not be sure -> for this code, but only this way you will still get the update.

You know perfectly well that downgrading the Insider version is only possible after performing a clean installation of Windows.

I hope I helped to clarify this.

I am just leaving computer as is, will just skip to win 12 whenever it comes, thanks


Unfortunately - your build will expire in a few months - it will be useless, so be prepared for such a scenario.