No System Reserved Partition is shown on my computer. None to update!

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An email telling me how to empty the System Reserved Partition in order to receive a new build (the latest being 26100.1) was received from Caroline.  I went to look for the partition and no such partition showed up. How do I find or reclaim  or produce a SRP? Thank you!

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Did you received email from Microsoft?
Did you contact Microsoft Support?
In addition. Not sure the importance of who sent me the email altho it was a Microsoft agent Caroline. NOW, several partition programs show what has to be the partition, titled MSR. On the diskmgmt.msc C: disk there is one less partition then before the partition went missing and the commercial programs show.
In case you contacted the Microsoft Support, I advise you to continue with the support engineer and the person would be able to help you to solve the problem.
If not, you may post your question in detail like what was the problem and steps to fix it on:
So someone in the forum would answer your question.
The reason I asked who contact you is because there are cases of people contacting and claim be from Microsoft and it is fake and normally they want to commit fraud.