New update? No Internet nonfunctional Bluetooth

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HP envy convertible

Processor Intel core i5-8250U CPU 1.60 Hz 1.80 GHz

Installed RAM 8.00 GB 

64 bit os

Windows 11 Home insider preview

Version 23H2

Os build 25967.1000


Bluetooth works on headset but rejects mouse suddenly and all devices connect to the Internet except this one now and it says can't reach DHCP server


Attempted to fix with network adapter reset and with manual configuration to no avail 

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Go here for Internet help. Now as for the Bluetooth. Uninstall and the let windows try to reinstall for you. You may even need to go to Manufactures Webpage and download Software/Updated Drivers.
Does it happen after the recent update?
Check for Windows Update and see if there are any other pending updates?
Check HP support website and see if there are any driver's update there?

@Reza_Ameri as the title implied, this is after the update. I had to factory reset my computer to get it back to normal and then the stupid update installed again while I was sleeping and now I have no Internet again. 

That website does not help me
The only thing that works is resetting my PC. It worked but then the stupid update installed overnight and I was back to no Internet and Bluetooth. No command prompts have been useful. They all come back with errors, like that Ethernet has no media connected, that wifi has no media connected but all the gateway and IP addresses are correct and should function. Still says "connected but no Internet" I often times get a message that the dhcp can't be reached. IP config is useless to me here. I am resetting the computer and disabling updates
Open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Are you observing the same behavior in Clean Boot?
Have a look at: