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I was just looking my registry editor to delete some leftover bits form other software I thuoght I removed but for somereaoson I noticed. "Netscape" in one of them and "Netscape Navigator"?? Why is it there? Is it since Microsoft had to put it there since of the anti-lawsuits but why in 2020???


SO funny

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Okay, I just wanted to confirm that there are no issues with this. The Netscape is for "Compatibility" to older "browsers" as Microsoft seems like they still like to play around with backwards compatibility. You can delete any trace of it, it makes no difference.

So this is for helping comaptility?
Yes, so Netscape used the old Mozilla browser code and was used to browse on Firefox. If you do not use these other browsers you can delete it!???
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Just today heh
Where are those files exactly?
Adding some pictures would be useful, but if it's in Windows directory or other system folders, better don't touch them.
Since you posted in Insider community, which insider build and channel are you using?






Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎1/‎8/‎2021
OS build 19042.746

Serial number 054702375153
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0


Here yo ugo

I checked that path in registry, I can confirm that it's not a built in tool of Windows, some 3rd party program that you installed put it there.
I see, that is very strange. Well a Microsoft Agent told me it was there to backward compatibility for Firefox browers. I dont' remember installing anything to make that happen, hmm I think it is that virus I saw in and downloaded something or soemthing. jjhhjnnnmmm





you can see all the entries in that location beginning with N

I think they didn't have enough info about your system that's why they said that.
I see, maybe but the forums online dont' contriact that and I trustsupport.
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Well, that picture is the proof that it doesn't exist, at least not anymore, maybe it did before, at some point. no big deal
Yeah, I Guess.

Thank you
Anytime :)