Needless Processor upgrade to qualify for Windows 11?

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My actual concern is my most expensive build. I have a AMD 1950X installed on a ASRock X399M Taichi motherboard. I paid a lot for this build. It has the Secure Boot and TPM 2.0. I will have to spend a minimum of $635.99+tax for a 2nd gen Threadripper processor to just qualify this build for Windows 11. I actually have a Hyundai mini PC that I paid $150 for that qualified for Windows 11 Insider download. What's your take on this? What would I do with my 1950X, which I have no problem with (cost $589.99+tax)?

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@gsmo51 Install Linux. I'm in the same boat with 1950X. I'm going to install Linux and use Steam for gaming. Anyway XSX is my primary gaming device. It is a ridiculous decision by MS to not support 1950X, but looks like they have made their decision and are not going to change it. And so have I...