Need windows 11 beta Channel OS

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im wanting to get a Clean install of windows 11 Beta Channel , but i dont know where to find the OS Please Help! TY 

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From what I know Windows11 has not yet been released to the Beta channel - currently 21H2 Windows10 has been released to the Beta channel.
it is worth explaining because there are misunderstandings!
Windows11 is currently only in the Dev Channel.

Windows 11 hasn't yet (at the time of this post) been released to Beta Channel. It's still in Dev builds. If you join Beta Channel, you'll have to wait into Windows 11 arrives to Beta Channel which I heard will be sometime this summer. Windows 10 21H2 has been released to the Release Preview Channel which I believe is the channel where the Windows 10 preview/insider preview builds or updates will be going at this point. I believe Dev and Beta are currently reserved for Windows 11. Windows 10 builds will stay in the Release Preview Channel. If you go to this link, the part "Preparing the Beta Channel for Insider Preview builds of Windows 11" will give you more details about it.


Attached is a picture from one of my computers, and it matches to the link I posted above. Dev and Beta will be Windows 11. Release Preview Channel will be Windows 10. At least, for now anyhow hehe. 

Ok, Ty. I'm now in Dev channel. But I'm wanting to do a clean install no an update , can any one help with that??
Windows 11 will be released later this month to the Beta Channel.
No 21H2 for the Beta Channel.
Please confirm if there is any date announced
No ideas. Only know it be this month.
It is likely that the hardware requirements during installation will not be required
and this is good news but not yet confirmed for the Beta channel!
Everybody is waiting for a stable beta release.
But not to worry.
Microsoft has recently replied to a user saying that beta version will release later this month.
Hope this helps !
Next week is when it should be released.
July 28th if I remember correctly. I believe they announced it in one of the official Windows 11 promotional videos.

Oh Thankks@Firalia