My windows date is changing to August 3209, somewhat often

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Hi  every one!


After installing Windows 10 Pro Insider, Build 21327.rs_prerelease.210226-1427, my calendar date suddenly changes to a day of August 3209.


Does anyone know something about it?

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Does this only happened on the Calendar UWP app or system wide?
i'm on the same build but the Calendar app date and system date is okay.
I suggest filing this as a problem in feedback hub

I started to have the same issue. starting 3/7/2021. Date and time get reset to 5:02 AM 8/7/3209 when windows boots. I reset it and powered off the computer. I check it in the BIOS at POST and it was still correct. Once Windows boots, it is reset to 5:02 AM 8/7/3209. I tried turning off Automatic adjust data and time but that also gets turned back on.

You tried resetting Windows from settings?
I'm not sure, but I suppose this is the start date of the events for me. No way to workaround. I had to went back to the normal copy of Windows. Could it be a virus?

@sebalvsantos   same for me after a update today, I changed the CMOS battery....

So, you'll probably have to uninstall the build in trouble. As I was in a hurry, I went back to the non Preview Windows, @joaoferr1250.



Reverting to the previous insider build resolved the issue. 

yes, that's what i did, i went back to build 21322.rs_prerelease.210220-1651
Same problem here. But problem disappears when disabling virtualmachineplatform?!?!
That's a good observation, if it is indeed the workaround for it, i think Windows insider team should be made aware of it.

Sorry, but this feature is not enabled.

The same issue is happening to my laptop:

Since 2 builds ago.

1. the time resets to 3209 on every restart
2. my backups and updates are now messed up and timestamped with 3209 date
3. laptop runs very high cpu utilization by windows system processes on this build
4. windows keeps only one copy of system image on backup media so I do not have a functional system image now
5. going back dow not go back deep enough
6. reinstalling windows only possible by removing all files and apps now since my build is higher than windows media one (Oct 2020). I will fave lots of fun reinstalling system image and vendor drivers but could manage a few sleepless nights I guess
7. All licenses for software that I had have expired now because the date moved to 3209 I suppose

Sorry, @winpolg, for me, it used to change in a sudden fashion, with the equipement running.

I deactivated the downloading and I am using the normal Windows version. My loss with the re-installation was not much, just applications referring to courses already completed.

@sebalvsantos This keeps happening to me with preview 21370 installed.  3 times today my laptop jumps to August 7th 3209.  Disabling auto time sync and re-enabling it resets to the correct time and date.