My computer system drive was write full by WERSVC

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My os version is: windows 10 Pro insider preview build 22518.rs_prerelease.211203-1458

Some times ago, The wersvc crazy write large file to my system drive infinite and make c: drive to 0bytes free space.

I restart my computer, but the free space still 0bytes, and I try to free 10GB space by close hibernate featue by command `powercfg /h off`, when the hibernate.sys was delete by system, the system drive was writing fastly, then I open task manager to check which program is writing disk with high speed, and I found the WERSVC does it, I End the WERSVC task quickly, then the system drvie free space remian 2GB.

And now, I already disable wersvc service, I'm afraid to turn it on again, It's soo crazy.

So, does some one know how to delete WERSVC wrote files manually or how to solve this problem.win11bug.png

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