Mobile Hotspot Turns websites unresponsive

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So I am having this issue even back in windows 10 wherein I would open my mobile hotspot on my pc so that my phone can connect to it since my wifi does not reach to my room so my solution is using my PC as a routing device for a longer connection (Note my PC is ran through an ethernet cable), now upon opening my hotspot and as soon as my phone gets connected with the PC, all my or 90% of my websites start to buffer and crash responding with an unable to load, etc. either cause of firewall or whatever issue it may be, but upon deactivating my hotspot, all the websites start running smoothly, any fix to this?

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side note the only thing I did to fix it was to uninstall updates till my system recognizes both host and devices

@John212002 Having the exact same issue since updates the other day. Certain apps like the microsoft store and my works communications app are unable to connect. Did you just uninstall various updates until one of them resolved the problem?

what i did was uninstall the latest update, then check, usually it has something to do with the latest update