Microsoft wont healp when needed

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microsoft wont help and doesn't know how to help people when there an windows insider and doesn't know how to help when trying to remove the Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.100 (co_release) and stop it from installing could some one else other then microsoft please help


i also need help on how to remove my device from the insiders program as well as my account


after 15 years i have never had a problem now i do

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Hi you need to unregister your device and perform a clean installation of Windows10 to go back to winadows10 .
you not following the steps as if you are clicking update now in the selected field. then your doing it completely wrong and not pressing the button on the far bottom left on the windows when you selected go back in the recovery tab.




click the "no thanks" when you select go back and it brings you back to windows 10.


uninstall windows 11 without needing to do all of that.


Personally I dont look when someone posts a link as it just looks arrogant and defensive. but, Thank you for trying to help. <3


 Yes , but there are people from all over the world and sometimes it is difficult to understand the answers -
using translations .
sharing a link is often an explaine, but it may not be helpful, but I do not judge it.
Good luck!!