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want to know can install windows 11 on computer way can check computer and see it will thank you

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Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community!

I think you want to see whether your PC meets the System Requirements for Windows 11 or not.

There is a screenshot below where the System Requirements are given out and you can check whether your PC is compatible or not by comparing my screenshot to your device information in the Settings app.


Windows 11 System RequirementsWindows 11 System Requirements

(Note: This is an old screenshot. Lately, Microsoft changed the TPM version requirements to 1.2 on the Requirements page)

Will it work not it’s a hp 5cd20124ml a7a32ua  hp pavilion     2012 computer please let me know thank you

It will not. You'll need at least TPM and a 8 gen processor/chipset.


Hello, thank you for the information - TPM 1.2 is the standard for a billion computers so just the right update - which is automatically provided by the manufacturer and we stop worrying about this requirement!

Microsoft has analyzed this specifically for the benefit of users.

I greet everyone who planned to buy a new computer with TPM 2.0.


TPM firmware manufacturers will simply have to update - to 2.0 and after the problem.


The laptop you are saying will not be supported by Windows 11 because only AMD processors from 2018 and Intel 8th gen and up processors are allowed for the OS. Microsoft may be trying to give support from AMD processors in 2017 and Intel 7th Gen Processors but I am afraid to say your laptop will not be able to run Windows 11 officially.


Really your answer is correct, but Microsoft is constantly introducing smaller hardware requirements that are currently being tested in beta and dev channels and the test result will ultimately show you how the stable version will be released!

Nothing is foregone to greet all.

Yeah Agreed :)


Will not be enough as you also need a chipset from 2018 or newer.


Well, do you want to say that computers from 2017 are useless for Windows11?
Microsoft is constantly analyzing - whether it is better to make the latest system available for slightly older computers - or block the release of a stable version for these devices because they do not have TPM 2.0. - I think that the development will be in favor of slightly older computers, in the spring of 2022 we will see


Still no cigar on my 2017 PC ;)