Microsoft 11 taskbar icon seperation

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Window 10 allowed us to change the settings so that the icons in the taskbar wouldn't merge when multiple instances of a program were oppenned. For example, I could open two different word documents, and both would show as seperate icons. Furthermore, I could see the title of the page open in google, or the name of the word file open in the page thanks to the old seperated rectangular icons in windows 10.


Window 11 merges all my open icons automatically, and I don't have the option to change it!

If I open two word documents I have to click on word, and then select the exact document I want to open.  This is a waste of time.


I use my compute for work. Not for the style of having 90% of my taskbar empty, or for the luxury of having nice square icons as the bottom of the page. An extra 2-5 seconds to change chrome window or word documents adds up to minutes wasted every day, and a loss of my thought process more often.


With regards to this feature, windows 11 is a downgrade from windows 10. It degrades the user's productivity and control over the display of his computer. I really see no reason to make this display the default, and even less reasons to prevent users from modifying this.



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