Lock Screen Issues

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Hello everyone;


Here is what the issue is.


I had my Lock Screen set to a single picture, while I was in my settings recently I saw that there is an option to set a slideshow from a specific folder containing pictures that fit the screen.


So I chose a folder and set it to be used.


Now here is the problem, when I start my PC the old single picture pops up for about 15 seconds then it goes to the slideshow setting that I set up.


Is there something wrong here, in my opinion YES.


I have chosen a folder with multiple pictures (8) and that should be the only thing I see on the Lock Screen.  Period.


The single picture should not show up AT ALL!


The agent I was talking to about this suggested I leave the Insider Program to see if this fixes the issue, but as I was told when I joined if I leave there is no coming back so that is not an option.


Also told him how is Microsoft going to find out about issues if all available content from Microsoft is not running at the same time.

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