[Knowlege share] Win11 KB5029263 updates known issues

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Hello guys,


Sharing some known issues after install Win11 KB5029263:

1. Failing to install and cannot dismissed 

2. File Explorer process stuck

3. Unable log log into Microsoft Defender

4. Unable to access Snapdragon X24 LTE modern on Surface Pro X


If you're experienced above issue suggest you uninstall this patch to test as so far no further update from MS.

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Not exactly the same issues, but the updating process is stuck at 69%. The computer is freezed by this update. Morevover the PC won't start anymore afterwards. I have to start my computer 3 times until I can gain back access. This look like this update has a bug, and it constains me to suspend ALL updates. This would be great to hear what MS has to say about these issues with KB5029263.
Yes, due to the various devices were received this KB for sure there got to be other uncovered issues. Will share further updates once MS announced.



When installing the latest 2023 september Windows updates, my keyboard stops working, even in the Bitlocker boot mode.
I cannot use or login to my laptop anymore.
First, it looked like a keyboard hardware but it's NOT, it's a Windows bug.


When uninstalling the security/quality updates, and rebooting Windows 11, the keyboard is working again. I needed to uninstall all september updates, both quality and security to go back to an operational system. In Bitlocker boot modus, only a USB keyboard works, no bluetooth keyboard and the physical laptop keyboard is dead. Removing the keyboard from the Device manager and then refresh, doesn't work. I had to remove the bitlocker boot. Once Windows is booting, also an Bluetooth keyboard can be used. But this is horrific to work with for a laptop,...


After the problems re-occurred again, one of the major suspects is KB5029263.
It got installed automatically last night, and now the issue is back.

Uninstalling the patch (and blocking automatic updates) my laptop is working again...