Issue with Audio Waveforms in Davinci Resolve 17

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I've been using Resolve with no problems on windows 11 until some of the recent updates. the audio completely stopped working and waveforms for AAC codec files stopped showing up. (still worked fine if it was a .mov but all my clips shot with my lumix and cellphone (mp4) had no working audio anymore within the app. since other audio worked i know it was not a sound card issue, however i did try updating drivers and more. I later came across others having the same issue here:


After a couple weeks I notices there were a few updates to my version of win11 so i checked again and now the audio works but the waveforms still don't show up. I'm assuming this may be some change BM will have to make to their software but it was a win update that made it stop working. Anyone else here have this issue?

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