Install error - 0x8007012a Windows 11 Dev

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Good Afternoon,


It seems that Surface has released a new firmware update and the Windows update is not working to download the update. It gives the error  Install error - 0x8007012a. Also, I notice through videos or forums that others have the same issue.


Can someone look into it? I have sent feedback, thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!


Edition Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview
Version Dev
Installed on ‎2021-‎12-‎08
OS build 22518.1000
Serial number xxxxxxxxx
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22518.1000.0




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@Deleted . Most times when you try to run an update on windows, you might encounter the Windows Update Install Error. Not to worry, i will give possible fix methods below.

1. Check your internet connection on your device.

2. Stay connected to the power supply.

3. Launch Windows Update troubleshooter.

4. Use OEM’s dedicated tool to download the firmware.

To see more possible fixes read more on TheWindowsClub .


I'm also having this problem.

Install error - 0x8007012a
Patch: Surface - Firmware - 11/14/2018 12:00:00 AM -

Step 1: Full WiFi signal, and successful ping to
Step 2: Power supply connected and battery 80%+
Step 3: Could not find any problems.
Step 4: OEM is Microsoft as it this is a Surface laptop...and they only use Windows Update for drivers last time I checked...
Are you happen OskyEdz to be on the Dev channel like I am, it seems according to my update version to be installing a patch from June. It seems it is a bug, I have reported this and it comes and goes. Just ignore I guesss.


Ah okay.

Yeah, because I think I had the same update about a week ago too.

I reset Windows update and cleared the cache and it was just gone.

I see, great :) have a wonderfulda!Y

I am also booting issue in dev insider program like my pc shuts down ,sleep or restart  after 2-3 minutes later. So is there any solution to it.??@Deleted 

I don't think that is related to this Windows Update glitch/error.

You seam to describe that your PC shuts down and have problems booting again?
HI @Chetan1070 it would be best to make sure all your updates in including your bios as it could be a hardware issue. Maybe OskyEdz can help you :)

It seems that this error code I have is a bug that was noted in the issues in the yesterday's blog post.

Merry Christmas Eveyrone!
Same issue for me on windows 11 dev with a surface pro 5

@zzcool500 It's a bug that was noted in the issues section in one of the last Windows Insider blogs! It seems to be trying to download a update from June, just ignore the update :) 



Exactly the same recurring issue:

Surface - Firmware -
Install error - 0x8007012a


Hope Microsoft addresses the issue soon!

HI MichaelMatthey,

It was addressed in the previous Windows Insider Build blog post which is under investigation on the above issue.

Just ignore the update, also the next preview update should be rolling out tomorrow.

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HI Michael,

According today's insider dev release the issue has been resolved and I haven't seen that faulty update anymore.


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HI Michael,

According today's insider dev release the issue has been resolved and I haven't seen that faulty update anymore.



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