Insider Hub doesn't work for problem reporting

György Kenéz
New Contributor

The most important part is failing: when I want to enter something that isn't workin, just doesn't work...


The small bullets just going round and round and round... for an hour and nothing happens...


Pathetic :(

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To report issues that our engineering team will see, please submit them via the Feedback Hub App.

Hi Michelle,


IMO you missed the subject of my message: the Feedback Hub App was the reason, why I wrote here: I wasn't able to use it to report another bug...





I apologize. I must have read your email too fast.  It seems to be working on my end.  Could you kindly send me any repro steps or screenshots so that I can help troubleshoot?

Thank you!

No problem :) Since then after a few reboots it has worked... I was shocked, that the most important means wasn't working, how can I then report any problems.


Interestingly the Insider Hub comes up really slow, but since then I didn't have any problems with it whatsoever.


Thanks for the offer, though...

Sadly, I cannot right now Michelle.  I am too tired up with DHS us-cert.gov contracts on Spectre and Meltdown.  Keeping our Country safe is my top priority.  Godspeed!  and have a great day.

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