Inaccessible boot device windows 11 preview green screen

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Computer: alienware m17, cpu: i7 10gen, gpu: 2060gtx , ssd: nvme m.2 512gb

Yesterday i was installing some things and gad to edit some environment variables and accidentally ended up erasing the system and user Path (dont know how), tried adding them again from a friends copy but didn't work, so I reset windows, after booting it up I installed programs and updated some drivers.

After some hours it started glitching and sent me to green screen of death with the stopcode INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, after trying to reboot it went to the alienware boot device test and said it didn't detect any boot device, and after rebooting again it went to the windowsRE and navigating to Troubleshoot > advanced options it gives options:

- startup repair: upon selection, it says "startup repair could not repair your pc"gives options shutdown and advanced options.
- comand prompt: doesn't recognize any drive so line is x: windows/ system32.
- uninstall updates: it says it runs into a problem says to restart or go back.
- UEFI firmware settings: shuts down compter and goes to bios.
- system restore: its says "must specify which windows installation. Restart rhis PC, select an OS and select system restore ".
- system image recovery: selecting this one says "An internal error ocurred. The following info might help you resove the error.
System couldn't find the file specified 0x8007002".

Nothing seems to work, help is much needed.

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