i want to leave windows 11 insider program and want to install stable 11

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i want to leave windows 11 insider program and want to install stable 11

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I recommend you to check out this article which will be helpful to you - How to Switch From Insider to Stable Builds of Windows 11 (howtogeek.com)


Remember that you will have to stay with the Windows Insider Preview builds until the next major release of Windows 11 will come i.e. March. If you want to go to the stable build now, I suggest you to perform a clean install with Windows 11.

What build and channel are you currently running? That will determine the process on how you leave the program.


@Eddie Leonard Thanks Build Number is 22523.1000 & Channel is Dev

Hi Mbijay, there isn't a way to leave and join stable without doing a fresh install. As the Dev channel is on a very high version number way past stable so it's a downgrade. Not possible, you can reinstall Windows 11 though stable through the Windows Media Creation Tool. Select Upgrade, and keep nothing. Make sure to backup everything.


I have a similar issue. I enrolled for the insider preview and to help with windows 11. I now want to go to windows 11 final stable release.

My current version is 22H2 build 22598.1. Will this auto go to stable full build in July when the next major release happens? Or do I need to reinstall windows entirely to get rid of this evaluation copy message.

I need to mention i am NOT on any dev or beta.

@DodgeMan The build you are currently running is the current build that is in the Dev and Beta Channels. If you want to move your device to the retail version when it is released, be sure your device is configured for the Beta Channel, and enable the setting to stop getting preview builds. You will continue to get preview builds in Beta until the next retail release and will then be automatically moved out.



@Eddie Leonard  I Gotcha on that, but what I was asking, was I am currently in the preview, I want to go to stable final public release to get rid of the preview copy message.

The watermark is normal for preview builds. If you do as I mentioned, it will disappear at some point. If you are in the Dev Channel, or are installing builds via some other method, you could end up in a situation where you have to do a clean installation.

I got you now. My apologies. I just reviewed my settings and i am in BETA. not release. It's been a long weekend and I'm going on zero sleep. so, I am queued for leaving the beta, it should take me to stable public release correct?

No problem. Yep, that should do it. When the time comes, you will stop receiving preview builds.

@Eddie Leonard does my data get deleted after the major update gets released because i turned on the stop getting preview builds option?

@Retrowo No. Turning on stop getting preview builds allows you to simply upgrade to the latest general release (as long as it's a higher build number), and retaining your data.



I am on Beta build 22623.870 ni_release. How to leave it?

@navdeepsengh The current generally available Windows 11 (22H2) build number is 22621. Given that you are on a higher build (22623), you have two options. 
1. Turn on the stop getting preview builds and wait until the next major release sometime next year.

2. Back up all your apps and data, download the Windows 11 22H2 build 22621 ISO, and perform a clean install.