I need help- Office 365pro insider release maybe and windows 10 insiders pre-release

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After multiple compliants to install support, configuration support, licensing support and always about the same starting issue.  I am running my system on a Dell 755 I know old system I upgraded everything on it, memory, CPU and Bios, 


When I installed my office 365 domain my PC decided it didn't want to work properly anymore.  When I installed Insiders preview for Windows 10 pro it really decided it wasn't going to work anymore.  Because most of my applications that are used for my business are not compliant with a 64 bit system I opted to stay with a 32 bit system, first issue.  Uninstalled all office prorgams from my pc and installed 10 pre-release from a supposed data wipe that is not what happened but at least I was able to get started from the beginning, But when I tried to join the domain for office 

365 pro active directory says no such site, service or domain, so I tried using networking protocol to attach same error. then I installed my brothers shared subscription to office 365 home and it could sort of see it but still no connections. Worked on full install of pc all policies, rules and anything pertaining to the domain or active directoy does not sync. I can not add Addconnect it doesn't run on a 32bit system  I am certified network engineer on windows 2000systems there is only one pc in my organization as of right now and one active and not pretendiing to be an employee.  Exchange issues is where will start cause technically I am the admin and  the o

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Hi Patricia,

Sorry I am a little confused with the question, are you trying to join your computer to Azure Active Directory? A traditional Active Driectory (ie. to an actual windows server)? or are you talking about installing the office suite the comes with office 365?

There is a few concepts that you might need to be familiar, sorry if I am on the wrong track here.

If you are trying to manage your login (identity) in Windows and your running Windows 10 Pro you have these 4 options: (Let me know if any of these is your desired outcome)
1. Use a local account that is not tied to any external system
2. Connect your PC to a traditional windows domain, requires a windows server with AD.
3. Connect your PC to a Azure (Office 365) Active Directory, requires any business grade Office subscription
4. Use a Microsoft account to login to the PC (This could be connected to a home office 365 subscription but is not required)

For the office suite you have 3 options:
1. Have an office 365 business subscription that includes the office package, in which case you will install office from portal.office.com and activate with your Azure AD account.
2. Have an office 365 home subscription, in this case install office from www.office.com/signin and activate with your Microsoft (Live/hotmail) account.
3. Purchase office through traditional channels (Retail, OEM, Open) in this case install office from the media and use the key to activate.

You also mentioned exchange issues, but it looked like the message cut out, can you elaborate?

Sorry I can absolutely elaborate cause I continue to have issues as I explained prior my main PC is optiplex 755 Old machine I completely know that I have updated everything to make able to run the systems I have.  Yes to answer your question about Azure active directory I was trying to join the machine to my business account.  Now you have to understand I have two microsoft accounts one is a personal account that is Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 16251 rs3 170721-2122 currently because I am on fast track that may change tomorrow.  Under that account I also share a Microsoft 365 account that gives my desktop software excel, word, powerpoint, whatever else.  But I also have a business account also an insider preview fast track account which is where my Azure AD is.  I want to run straight cloud, because of how my business operates I am attempting to switch everything to cloud I can't do it and don't know why and it is completely driving me crazy