I can't update the build 17738

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I can't not updates the build 17738 on my Acer aspire 4741G laptop.

When I updates and can't not configure properly and restart it self on 70 or 81 percents.

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Same issue on my Asus ( Tried 3 times). On the last phase , it reboots at 69%, returns to ask me to restart to complete the update but yet returns me to the current build 17733. On my 7th consecutive build, first time it can't install.
I'm having the same issues, but I THINK I finally got past this problem with not being able to download and install only to now, after the final restart, having a bigger issue after I log in. Now all I get is a gray screen. It flickered and displayed my wallpaper for about 2 seconds, then went back to the gray screen. I've done a hard shut down several times and get the same result. Very strange and annoying.