I can't extend volume in Windows 11

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Hi, good evening.


I have Windows 11 installed, and I have an SSD with 480GB. It has 2 partitions (C and D)


I shrank D and now I have a 30GB of unallocated space but in Disk Management, Extend Volume in C, is disabled. Does anyone know why I can't extend C:? :(

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@_moyMorales Disk Management cannot extend C if there's no contiguous Unallocated space. The 30GB of unallocated space must be on the right of D. You need to move D to the right and make the 30GB unallocated space adjacent to C. Watch the video

This video shows what to do when Disk Management is unable to extend C drive in Windows 11 laptop/desktop/Surface pad. Disk Management can only extend a partition when there's contiguous Unallocated space on the right side. It cannot produce such required space by shrinking other volume. Run NIUBI
It works! You are my bff :*
Thank you so much.
It works!
Thanks so much friend.

@microgood - Fantastic! Thank you so much