How to download iso file Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557

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I'm trying to download Windows 11 from your website, but I'm failing again and again. Can anyone help me with how to download this file?


win 11 insider iso file download link: 





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Hi , disable extensions that block ads and cookies, as well as the VPN must be disabled - for the duration of the download third-party antivirus this can also cause an error.
Of course, the default must be Edge. and optional diagnostic data enabled.
restart your computer and try to download.

i trying but same problem
And could you download ISO before?
I can download from this link ( but not from this link ( -download / windowsinsiderpreviewiso)
what build do you have now?
Do you have a channel switch on Dev,
how long have you been on the Insider program?
I'm on Windows 10 now. I want to download Windows 11 dev latest version iso file.
And I was in beta version of Windows 11 in November-2021.
There was no drag and drop option so I was backing up to Windows 10.
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So far only got Build 22533 ISO available to download, I've attached the link for you with English language.


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thank you so much. this link working.
Hello there, Got a question here.
want to make sure if it's possible to burn the iso and install if I'm already running on windows 11 build 22000.556!!?


And you can link to Build 22557 -download/windowsinsiderpreviewiso works for me.