hidden icon arrow not going away

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I am wondering why is it when there are no hidden icons, the arrow will not go away in Windows 11? In personalization, taskbar and under other system tray icons, I see the hidden icon menu. Some do not have it. How to fix it so that when no icons are hidden, the arrow goes away. A bug I believe. I am at build 22579.1 in the Dev. channel. Normally, it should go away when there are no hidden icons. Any way I can fix this?

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I am also having this issue.

I am currently on:

Edition Windows 11 Pro

Version 22H2

OS build 22572.201

Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22572.201.0



This is happening on my build of Win 11. I am in the insider program using the latest beta. Eval copy 22581. The up arrow icon won't go away despite every program is viewable in my taskbar settings. It's just sitting there. Can't do nothing with it.

Can you please file a report to MS with Feedback Hub app under Desktop Environment > System tray?

I did file it. You can upvote it and let the engineers know about it. https://aka.ms/AAgfbai



I upvoted yours and added my comment. Hope this gets fixed.

You can ask others to upvote it. As many as you can. This is a bug.
Hi, did you upvote my feedback?