Feedback-hub and Edge say i'm not online but I am!! (Insider Builds 17723, 17713, 17711)

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I meant to post this in the Feedback-hub, but the app says that no connection can be made. The Store app says i am not online, Edge says that pages cannot be reached. But Chrome and Firefox can reach a webpage. This I post via Firefox. Mail and Calendar work properly. But some other apps from the store do not.

But. But when I use ExpessVPN (starting the program and connect to a server) there is no problem at all. I do not want to use the VPN-service all the time, so when I stop the progarm the problems reappear. So did they when I did an uninstall of ExpressVPN and rebooted.

It seems I cannot go without this VPN service. But again, I do not want to use this service all the time.

Moving up from 1771 to 17713 to 17723 did not help. The problems persisted.

There is no third party AV software installed. There is just Windows Defender.


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Same here- for at least a month now ALL Windows 10 Store apps are broken, most often showing "not connected" error. Shouldn't this be a priority fix?

A few days ago Microsoft issued an ISO of build 17713. I decided to give it a try and have a clean install. That did the trick. No more problems that I described.

(Because it is a preview build I got a new and completely different problem. But that is another story.)


Could you elaborate as to what that new problem is? It'd be good to know before any of decide to go the route you mentioned.

Ok, I will do that.

While having the clean install of Insider Preview build 17713, Microsoft made available build 17730. 

Downloading and installing went well. But then Windows Update demanded a Restart of the computer. 

Here is the problem. The computer rebooted and failed to update. I tried several times. It came quick back at the lock screen. Nothing happened. I am still in the middle of troubleshooting although the build-in troubleshooting wizard did not help.  Having taken some steps I am not sure that I can find a proper solution. When I decide to consult this forum, I think it must be with a different post.

I could not get past Insider Build 17713. But now there is Insider build 17733.

1.Clear the windows update cache of your build 17713 first.

2. Check whether your pc is still in the Fast Ring. (Mine appeared to be reset to the Slow Ring.)

3. Start Windows Update en get build 17733.

Alle store-apps seem to be doing fine, Edge and Feedback Hub included.