fast startup problem

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hi dear fast startup is already turn on in my laptop. but its not working. it takes more time to start computer like restart


i am using latest windows 11 pro in my laptop


then i check if this problem still in clean boot environment . its also take more time to start


what is the problem?

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Hi @Weranga,

Please share the below information that will help to identify the issue:

  1. What is the size of memory (RAM)?
  2. What is the type of storage? is it HDD or SSD?
  3. What is the total size of the system drive (c:)? and how many GB is free in the system drive (c:)?
  4. Did you add or remove any new hardware recently?
  5. You Windows 11 is freshly installed or upgraded?
  6. What is the processor's speed and generation?
i upgraded windows 10 to 11 but later i already reset my pc again. I have acer aspire e5 576. 1 tb HDD. I have more than 200 gb space free in c drive. An i have windows 11 latest version. I have 16gb ram ( 2*8gb)
No new hardwares connected
Procecer i3 8th gen 2.2ghz turbo boost upto 3..4

Hi @Weranga

As per the above information, it seems that all the configurations are fine, please go to the task manager's processes, and check real-time Disk usage as shown in the screenshot. We need to troubleshoot the issue if disk utilization is hitting a value of 80% or above.


Disl utilization is normal dear.

Hi @Weranga 

1. Please run cmd in elevated mode (Run as Admin), and execute the below command to check the system file corruption:




sfc /scannow





2. Go to Task Manager, than Startup tab, and disable some applications (unwanted) from the startup. These applications consume a massive amount of resources that causes system the performance to slow down.



Alredy done dear. But problem still here