Fall Creators Update

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Is it true that File History will become unavailable with the compulsory Fall Update? I have chosen not to use the Cloud on my machine for security. If Microsoft is going to take away File History local backup security and force use of the Cloud, I need time to prepare my migration to Linux.

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This question is important to me. Can anyone please tell me if File History is to be eliminated at the time of the Fall Update or where I can go to get an answer to the question? I want File History without use of One Drive and the Cloud.
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If an integrated backup is important to you, please upvote this:

It is important to me but I don't seem to have the app.

File History is not being removed in v1709 / Fall Creators Update

Thank you. There is a rumor that Microsoft wants to force use of the Cloud/One Drive to continue with File History. This will not work for home users with multiple terabytes of data. File History is the main reason I upgraded from Windows 7. Microsoft should kill the Fake News about File History not supporting local backup drives. It has bothered those of us who read it. MS should also make it easier to swap out a backup drive going to offsite storage and update the prior offsite drive to current backup status. It's easy once you get used to it, but it is not for novices.


Microsoft might think about making their Windows Home file server/peer-to-peer networking more robust. On my machine the major Windows 10 (home) builds have interfered with the way I do networking. 1511 was the worst of all the builds for killing networked systems. I hope Microsoft will realize that a number of its users will never use the Cloud because of cost, security and system performance.