Error while trying to download newest Windows 11 insider build.

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While trying to update to the newest ISO through the official website for the insider builds, I've received the code 715-123130 and Transaction ID 2174bd3d-e825-4c79-83d3-489e5716c03c

There are no auto-loops of downloads on any browser. The system itself [Physical settings onboard of windows] is showing no current updates, but gives me a notification that the build expires tomorrow [15th]

There are no errors in the log other than some failed downloads that were downloaded later due to bad internet connection, and there are no windows installation errors in the log.

This is the current OS and Laptop build:
BIOS Version/Date HUAWEI 1.21, 07/09/2021
OS Name Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview
Version 10.0.22543 Build 22543

A resolution to this would be preferred without having to clean install everything and reset fully. 

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